What's so Special About Shea Butter?

What's so Special About Shea Butter?

Butyrospermum parkii also known as Shea Butter is far more superior then all the other seed oils you will come across.  It is extracted from the nut of the Karite Tree which grows in parts of West Africa.  What makes it so special is the fraction of healing properties it contains compared to all other seed oils found in skin and hair care products.  This is why the Karite Tree is called the “Tree of Life”.

In parts of Africa, where the tree is harvested, it is considered “Women’s Gold.”  Shea Butter is the primary source of income for many of the women that live in these areas. With the increase demand of Shea Butter, it has help improve economic conditions to better the lives of the people that live there.

100% pure unrefined Shea Butter contains vitamins A and E in addition to necessary fatty acids. In a nut shell, Vitamin A is great for improving skin cell renewal and contributing to rejuvenated looking skin and Vitamin E increases the blood circulation to the skin and protects the skin against any free radicals that can be damaging. It is said that the moisturizers that are found in Shea Butter are the same as those found in the skins sebaceous glands.  Sebaceous glands naturally protect our skin by keeping it moisturized and waterproof.

Here is a list of some known benefits of Shea Butter:

  1. It helps retain moisture in skin and hair
  2. It improves collagen levels which help with anti-aging, stretch marks, burns and scares
  3. It can be used as an anti-inflammatory and help with other skin irritations
  4. It helps to protect the skin from sun exposure, but should not be used in the place of sun screen.
  5. It can help improve skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

This article is not a medical guide so please do not use it as such. Always consult your doctor for medical treatment.

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Resource: www.SheaInstitute.com

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